Below are videos shared by AMS Members.

Bolide over Minas Gerais State Brazil 01/11/2016

org exoss

Small Meteorite Breaking Up Over South Denver Colorado

Quick AJ

AMS Event#3903-2016

Perlerin Vincent

Mississippi Meteor

Barnes Darrell

Mississippi Meteor Explosion and Breakup

Barnes Darrell

AMS Event #2016-3737

Perlerin Vincent

DeBeers Victor Mine Oct 04/2016 at 23:35:25 EDT Mag. -3.25

Hebert Rejean

Event 3730-2016

Mattison William

SkySentinel, AMS 3716

Free Dwayne

Webcam from Aberdeen South Dakota

Connelly Michael

DeBeers Victor Mine Sept 18/2016 at 07:02:04 EDT Mag. -2.29

Hebert Rejean

SkySentinel Node 61, Utah Bolide

Free Dwayne

SkySentinel Node47, Ridgeland, SC

Free Dwayne

Green Fireball

Longo Bill

SkySentinel Node52, Nice Bolide over Baja, Mexico

Free Dwayne

First fireball on new cam

Hankey Mike

SkySentinel, La Plume, PA AMS 3092

Free Dwayne

SkySentinel Node39, Riverside, CA

Free Dwayne

Perseid Fireball

Frezza Dan

Bright Fireball

Tatum Randy

A Persied Meteor in Orion.

Rogus Victor

Perseid Fireball with double terminal burst and persistent train at burst locati

wasiuta myron

SkySentinel Perseids Collection

Free Dwayne

Fireball Explosion Observed from Pasadena, California - July 30, 2016, 05:00 AM

Baalke Ron