Reports Report 451ec (Event 451-2015)

Name S F
Experience Level 3/5
Remarks We observed this fireball from horizon to horizon, which took several minutes, 70 seconds of which was recorded, so we feel we have an accurate idea of time visible. It was by far the brightest object we have seen and left a significant train behind it that glowed for several minutes after the fireball itself was no longer visible. We are very familiar with the location it was observed in so are confident it was traveling almost directly South to North.
Address Paradise, UT
Latitude 41° 34' 18.93'' N (41.571926°)
Longitude 111° 49' 21.89'' W (-111.822746°)
Elevation 1540.880249m
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time 2015-02-23 22:57 MST
UT Date & Time 2015-02-24 05:57 UT
Duration >60s
Moving direction From up left to down right
Descent Angle 129°
Facing azimuth 189.07°
First azimuth 196.23°
First elevation 35°
Last azimuth 358.4°
Last elevation -
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude -15
Color Orange, Yellow
Concurrent Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Delayed Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Persistent train
Observation Yes
Duration 99.99s
Length 99.99°
Remarks Glowing train, very wide and persistent. Stayed 'bright' for most of the visible time, then faded slowly in intensity without loosing shape.
Terminal flash
Observation No
Remarks -
Observation Yes
Remarks One very large fireball with 5-6 significant but smaller trailing fireballs that persisted in excess of 30 seconds of visibility. Main fireball was observed from horizon to horizon. The fragmentation may have been visible earlier, but was noted at the apex of the path and as the fragments began traveling 'down' from the viewer's perspective.