Reports Report 451ei (Event 451-2015)

Name Matthew D
Experience Level 2/5
Remarks At first I thought it could be a plane as local air traffic follows a similar line from my vantage point but it was clearly an object breaking apart and burning. The residual trails of fire were quite long- both in space and duration of visibility. On a personal note: it was by far the coolest shooting star I've ever seen!
Address Jackson, WY
Latitude 43° 28' 41.64'' N (43.478232°)
Longitude 110° 45' 2.87'' W (-110.750796°)
Elevation 1914.823853m
Time and Duration
Local Date & Time 2015-02-23 22:55 MST
UT Date & Time 2015-02-24 05:55 UT
Duration ≈20s
Moving direction From up left to down right
Descent Angle 100°
Facing azimuth 280.99°
First azimuth 265.12°
First elevation 58°
Last azimuth 308.03°
Last elevation -
Brightness and color
Stellar Magnitude -11
Color Light Yellow
Concurrent Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Delayed Sound
Observation No
Remarks -
Persistent train
Observation No
Duration -
Length -
Remarks -
Terminal flash
Observation No
Remarks -
Observation Yes
Remarks Broke into approximately 10 segments. Each left a long semi-horizontal comet-like trail. There was one vertical fragment that fell a few seconds after the main segment disappeared below the horizon (behind a local butte); it appeared in approximately the area of the origin of visibility. The main segment seemed large enough that it might actually make contact to Earth surface but no residual sound effects could be heard from my location within 15 seconds after object was no longer in sight.