Below are videos shared by AMS Members.

Event 2894 Video Footage

Bush Dan

DeBeer Victor Diamond Mine

Hebert Rejean

November Meteor

Jackson Jeremy

Southern CA Fireball - Nov 6th 2013

Perlerin Vincent

CALIFORNIA EVENT 20131107_034928 UTC

Wooddell Jim

Meteor Over Reno and Northern CA

Clark Joseph

09-27-13 Very large fireball in the east sky from Central Indiana

Perlerin Vincent

Event #2132 Fireball Over Ohio 27 September 2013

Pelaez David

Meteor over Ohio (Columbus)

Hoop Todd

9.22.2013 Fireball over Lawndale, NC

McDaniel Stuart

Perseid Bolide - 14/08/2013

Bella Carlos

Large Fireball 8-13-2013 Hawley, Texas

Palivec Kevin

Color Video of Large Bolide 8-13-2013

Palivec Kevin

Great Fireball over Brasília, Brazil

Bella Carlos

PER, Fireball.

Aguirre Salvador

Perseid Fireball

Meeks Stephen

Perseid Meteor

Meeks Stephen

Bright Flash

Fleishman Roc

Flash with Moon

Fleishman Roc

Bright Streak

Fleishman Roc

Flash July 19, 2013 @ 1:30:10

Tolford Tim

Fireball fireworks

Fleishman Roc

7-13-2013 Boom/Flash

McDaniel Stuart