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Stray Fireball - Cam3

© Greg Johnson -

Fireball Over north west texas 2-26-17 8:55 pm

© Kevin Palivec

Meteor north of hawley tx 2-22-17 08:59 pm

© Kevin Palivec

Long meteor north west of hawley, tx 2-22-17 8:59 am

© Kevin Palivec

Valentines Day 2017 Fireball

© Keystone College Thomas G Cupillari Observatory - Sky Sentinel Node 64 - John D Sabia

Valentines Day Fireball


Meteor February 5 2017

© House cam


© Shari Hunt


Tiny Meteroite Fragment over South Denver

© © AJ Quick

Long fireball north north west of hawley, Tx 2-26-17 8:55 pm

© Kevin Palivec

AMS Event 744-2017 02/22/2017 at 07:31:17pm

© MTL2017

Matches event 654-2017

© James Szorady -Timberlake Ohio

AMS_Event 638-2017 at 11:54:37pm

© MTL2017

meteor 14 February 2017 0131 GMT

© Chris Wolf

Fireball Through the Clouds

© Mike Hankey

Security cam 2.9.17 01:13 AM

© Home system

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Camera Name Location Radius Software Auto-Detection
NASA MSFC Huntsville, AL, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA Chickamauga Chickamauga, GA, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA Tullahoma Tullahoma, TN, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA Tellus Cartersville, GA, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA PARI Rosman, NC, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA NGA Dahlonega, GA, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA NMSU Las Cruces, NM, USA 160.00km ASGARD
NASA NMSkies MAYHILL, NM 88339, USA 160.00km ASGARD
Sentinela Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico 400.00km Sandia
Sandia WSentinel Node 35 Power House Rd, Lawndale, NC 28090, USA 402.34km Sandia
NASA test Huntsville, AL, USA 100.00km ASGARD
Bush Observatory All Sky Camera (Missouri Skies) Albany, MO 64402, USA 455.44km Other
Cinthya New York, NY, United States 1.61km ASGARD
Gogi Ohrid Lake Court, Las Vegas, NV 89141, USA 2000.00km UFOCapture
steve Norco, CA, USA 1.61km ASGARD
Canon SX50 HS Digital Camera Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India 14.20km Other
earth cam San Francisco, CA, USA 123.00km Other _
Lydia Lake Lodge Cam Highway 11, Lydia Lake Lodge, ON, Canada 500.00km UFOCapture
Jackson Meteor Cam Fort Wayne, IN 10.00km Other
All Sky Franklin Bryan, TX, USA 80.00km Sandia
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