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About Kevin Palivec

I live in Hawley, Texas and I'm a Network engineer. I maintain several allsky cameras and a pan/tilt camera for automated meteor observation.
I also have a blog I (occasionally update too!)


Bright Perseid Fireball 8-13-2013 6:50 GMT

© Kevin Palivec

Large Fireball Perseid B/W Direct view camera

© Kevin Palivec

Large Fireball Perseid Sandia Allsky view

© Kevin Palivec


Large Fireball 8-13-2013 Hawley, Texas

© Kevin Palivec

Color Video of Large Bolide 8-13-2013

© Kevin Palivec

All Sky Cameras

Camera Name Location Radius Software Auto-Detection
Hawley, Texas Sandia Allsky Hawley, TX, USA 482.80km Sandia