Michel Deconinck

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About Michel Deconinck

I'm a retired nuclear scientist, I observed meteors since 1975 and I am an active member of the international amateur astronomers community since then. I was the chairman of the meteor section of the IUAA (International Union of Amateur Astronomers) for 10 years and I still work closely with the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers) as a consultant for the french speaking community.
I like to share my observervations of comets, novae, supernovae, planets and the sun, and ofcourse meteors and fireballs.
Since 4 years I build a small observatory south France under a nice and dark sky.
As an artist I like to sketch the views of any fireballs I detect to make a watercolor when in my workshop. Making such sketch with precise time is important for me to got a souvenir of the event, I'm able to use them as a report.


A going away comet and a pre Perseid

© Deconinck Michel

2020 Quadrantides

© Michel Deconinck - Aquarellia Observatory

Fireball 2019 12 18

© Michel Deconinck - Aquarellia Observatory

Alpha Monocerotides - 2019

© Michel Deconinck - Aquarellia Observatory

August 13th Perseids

© Michel Deconinck (http://astro.aquarellia.com)

The 2019 quadrantids meteor maximum

© Michel Deconinck

An other anthelion fireball

© Michel Deconinck

A sporadic shootingstar (mag. -3)

© Michel Deconinck