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I have been looking to the sky since my Father took me on long walks with our dog before I went to bed at night. He would point out all the major constellations, satellites flying over head, and when Halley's Comet came around we saw that too. Ever since then the heavens have always intrigued me through telescopes, binos, or cold Michigan nights. I'll never forget a cold clear night in Wyoming where the who sky seemed alive with stars, meteors, and the like years ago. I almost did not want to go to sleep. Now with digital cameras I can capture it and add it to my many things I love to photograph. Trains, planes, fire, stars, ships, and nature all make up my photographic interests. This firefighter is always looking up at night. God's jeweled sky is a blessing upon our sight.


8 October 2013 Aurora with Meteor Shower

© Dan Meinhard

Aurora from 8 October, 2013

© Dan Meinhard

Andromeda Meteor

© Dan Meinhard