Below are pictures shared by AMS Members.


Credit: McCormack Mike

Greenville, SC

Credit: McDaniel Stuart

A brillant fireball up a castle in ruins

Credit: Deconinck Michel

Meteor. December 13, 2011.

Credit: Light Skyward

Meteor over Prescott Valley, AZ

Credit: Shaw Jerry

Quadrantid Fireball - 2011

Credit: Hankey Mike

AMS event #710-2009

Credit: Robert M.

Red Rock Canyon

Credit: Hill Adam

Meteor Photo

Credit: Bryant Leon

Geminid meteor

Credit: Walbek William


Credit: Warner Ronnie

Kelly Gerling's Leonids Meteor—Original View

Credit: Gerling Kelly

Kelly Gerling's Leonids Meteor—Close Up View

Credit: Gerling Kelly


Credit: Warner Ronnie

Perseid meteor Spectrum

Credit: Dymond Garry

110 Year Anniversary of first Meteor Photograph.

Credit: Rogus Victor

Comet Halley, and a Meteor.

Credit: Rogus Victor

AMS event #3-1982

Credit: Eduardo S.

Feb 2013 Meteors

Credit: Jackson Jeremy

April 2013 Meteors

Credit: Jackson Jeremy