Below are videos shared by AMS Members.

January 28, 2014 Fireball - Lexington, Kentucky

McMakin William

January 26, 2014 Fireball over Missouri

Bush Dan

Fireball Looking Due East From St. Clair Shores, Mi.

Frezza Dan

Tennessee Fireball - December 17th, 2013

Hankey Mike

TN Fireball

Hankey Mike

Event 2894 Video Footage

Bush Dan

DeBeer Victor Diamond Mine

Hebert Rejean

November Meteor

Jackson Jeremy

Southern CA Fireball - Nov 6th 2013

Perlerin Vincent

CALIFORNIA EVENT 20131107_034928 UTC

Wooddell Jim

Meteor Over Reno and Northern CA

Clark Joseph

09-27-13 Very large fireball in the east sky from Central Indiana

Perlerin Vincent

Event #2132 Fireball Over Ohio 27 September 2013

Pelaez David

Meteor over Ohio (Columbus)

Hoop Todd

9.22.2013 Fireball over Lawndale, NC

McDaniel Stuart

Perseid Bolide - 14/08/2013

Bella Carlos

Large Fireball 8-13-2013 Hawley, Texas

Palivec Kevin

Color Video of Large Bolide 8-13-2013

Palivec Kevin

Great Fireball over Brasília, Brazil

Bella Carlos

PER, Fireball.

Aguirre Salvador

Perseid Fireball

Meeks Stephen