Meteor over Japan - Haneda Airport VIDEO

Evidence of sightings of "fireball" in various parts of the Kanto region On the 27th, a light like a fireball appeared in the night sky, and sighting information was successive in various parts of the Kanto region. A ray of light flowing through the night sky. I emit a green strong light at the moment of disappearance. This is the image captured by the information camera installed at Haneda airport around 8:42 pm on the 27th. This light which can be seen like a fireball was witnessed all over the Kanto region. According to Yamaoka Public Relations Office Director of the National Astronomical Observatory, this light seems to be a phenomenon called "fireball" observed when a fragment of an asteroid burns out in the atmosphere of the earth, and speculated that fragments of several centimeters in diameter have burned out from the intensity of light That is to be done. Also, the color of the observed light is determined by the components of the atmosphere at that time and th

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Date 2018-03-27 20:40:20 JST

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AMS #1150-2018

Location 2 Chome-6 Hanedakuko, Ōta, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan
Geo Loc 35.5449° / 139.7672°
Elevation 9.0000m