Mississippi Meteor

The event was caught on surveillance camera and described by Lieutenant Scott Swanson of NWCC-DeSoto. In this video, Officer Swanson uses his forensic skill to analyze the trajectory of the object frame-by-frame. A "shooting star" pummeled across the Mississippi sky about 6:48 AM on October 12, 2016. The mysterious space object was viewed by thousands, estimated to have been 2-5" in diameter and thought to have "broken up" somewhere over Louisville, MS. by Darrell Barnes (looks like the breakup of an Imperial Light Cruiser to me....Star Wars fan)..Lambda-class T-4a shuttle (Submitted Fireball report on www.amsmeteors.org for this incident of 10-12-2016 on 10-14-2016)

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Barnes Darrell
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Date 2016-10-12 06:48:00 CDT

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AMS #3903-2016

Location 5197 W E Ross Pkwy, Southaven, MS 38671, USA
Geo Loc 34.9363° / -90.0090°
Elevation 104.5210m