Earth-grazing fireball over Wisconsin and Michigan caught on Video on February 1st

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More than 200 witnesses have reported a large Earth-grazing fireball over Wisconsin and Michigan on February 1th around 6:25pm ET (February 2nd 2016 ~ 00:25 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from Wisconsin and Michigan but witnesses from Ilinois, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Ontario (Canada) also reported seeing the fireball.

The fireball appears to be an Earth-grazer: a very bright meteor that enters Earth’s atmosphere and leaves again.

Below is a video of the fireball shared on Youtube by (©) AOSSRooftopCameras

If you saw this fireball, please report it here.

Below is the heatmap and the ground trajectory of this event:

AMS Event #385-2016


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  • Kimberly arneson 1 year ago

    Saw a very large fireball or comet. Lime green and larger then any of the fireball videos on this site. Close to earth to the west. 10:20pmish central time in Waunakee, wi near Madison, WI on 4/14/16.

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